Can I get a refund on my Flubit Elite account?


All users agree that all Monthly or Annual fees are non refundable once charged.

On discretion of the Flubit Management and/or Customer Service team only, a Flubit Elite user may be entitled to a full or partial refund in exceptional circumstances for continual Feature failings and/or other circumstances determined by Flubit.

Where Flubit Elite has failed to deliver on a Feature on a continual basis, a Flubit Elite user may make Flubit aware of such failures.

Flubit is not entitled to return and/or pay any additional costs or fees beyond the Monthly or Annual license fee should they determine a refund is an appropriate course of action.

Flubit’s decision is always final on these matters.

Note: Annual users who signed up on or before July 17th 2017 and who feel they are justified to obtain a partial/full refund on their Flubit Elite account may contact Flubit support. Please clearly state your case when doing so.

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