What is Harpersons return policy?

If the goods are unwanted and unopened you can return them without question at your cost up to 14 days from the delivery date. Contact the Harpersons support team through the support tab in your order page and they will help you.

If the goods are unwanted and opened we may still be able to arrange a return but as it will no longer be resealable as new a 20% deduction will be made from the refund total. For transparency this is in line with retail trading regulations (Abridged version here).

Is your item faulty? You have 30 days from the date of delivery to alert the Harpersons support team so they can arrange a replacement or refund for you. Please do help them out with as many details of the fault as possible. Including photos if you can.

If the item is outside the 30 days the retailer/manufacturer is afforded the chance to inspect and repair or replace, whichever is more viable. (This is outlined in the Consumer Rights Act too, details here). Harpersons, as the retailer, can contact the manufacturer on your behalf however a solution is reached significantly quicker if you contact the manufacturer directly. 

If the item is showing evidence of damage or the fault is as a result of wear and tear the return/repair/replacement may be rejected.

The UK warranty period is 12 months. Some items have longer cover however this is always a manufacturer sponsored initiative.


Exploding Myths

"My thing is covered for 6 years." - 6 years is length of time you have to make a claim if a retailer refuses to repair or replace a faulty product. (Which?)

"EU law states warranty is 2 years." - There is more info on this one here.


Anyway, we hope you don't want or need to return anything! :)

If you have any questions about the return process get in touch with them through the support tab in the order page.

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