Does Flubit ship internationally?

Yes, and no - read on! is the largest independent marketplace in the UK. From November 2018 we’ve been allowing you to buy items using Crypto Currency too. We know Crypto is huge in the UK, but we appreciate it’s massive across the rest of the world too. 

We’ve partnered-up to allow you to buy your items on and have them end up on your doormat in Bulgaria, or in your mail-box in the USA.



We’re so excited by it that we’ve created an entire domain to help you through with it. Just visit: , and it will teach you all you need to know, before you buy it, on 


So how do I ship internationally? 

The first thing to know about international shipping using Crypto is that your order first needs to arrive at a UK address. This is to help us address EU legislations relating to KYC (know your customer). Therefore when you order you’ll still need to enter a UK address…

But I live outside the UK and don’t have a UK addresss….

No problem, this is where our partners come in. On simple select the country you live in, and we take you through a Step by Step guide to getting a UK address. 


Once you have your UK address our partner will receive the item, package it up, and tell you the details about forwarding it through to you! 

With that, we’d like to formally welcome the world to!







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