What is new about Flubit?

You asked and we listened! 

As of April 5th, we’re giving you access to instant prices on millions of products exclusively from trusted and verified UK and Irish retailers! 

“This is the development our customers have been asking for, allowing us to improve our site and make it easier for customers to make an instant purchase on the products they want to buy. For years we’ve worked to build our business to the place our customers always envisioned; a UK owned alternative to Amazon, that offers customers great prices and speedy delivery – all without harming the bottom line of the independent retailers selling through our site. We’ve got a long and exciting journey ahead of us, but now UK shoppers have a true alternative to buy their online shopping from a UK owned marketplace, with great speed on delivery of their items.”

Bertie, CEO and Founder 

 What is new

  • Search millions of products and purchase instantly
  • Use an Amazon URL in the search bar to find even more products 
  • Shop daily deals on our site using the deals filter in the shop 
  • Buy more than 3 products at time 
  • Use the bookmarklet or our chrome extension to get instant prices on Amazon products 

 What hasn’t change 

  • Flubit is still using our leading UK and Irish retailers to bring you the best deals on brands you love 
  • Our average delivery time will remain at 2-3 days with millions of products available for next day delivery.
  • Every price displayed includes shipping, we do not hide this at checkout
  • All our customer support is operated out of the UK and currently independent review site ReviewCentre.com rate Flubit number one in the country for trust and service across the online discount and deal space
  • Product quality assured. We sell brand new products only and vet our merchants thoroughly to ensure no counterfeit products are allowed to be sold on Flubit


We’d love to hear your feedback so do contact us here with any thoughts.

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