Checkout Trouble - Says address is wrong?

If you are receiving notification about 'invalid address' or 'the zip code you supplied failed validation' there are some things we can suggest you try;

  • Ensure the billing address you have entered is the same as the address the credit/debit card is registered to
  • Make sure the format of your postcode is correct; E1W3SS or E1W 3SS (but no spaces at the end)
  • Make sure there is no superfluous punctuation in the address section anywhere
  • In the postcode make sure there O and 0 are correct

For 'Your card has been declined' the situation might be more permanent. The processing of actual payments we have handed off to a professional payment management supplier. It is their systems which allow or deny transactions on the Flubit Marketplace. Once a 'Failed' status has been declared we are powerless to undo it. We cannot veto their call. They simply do not allow us the freedom of potentially jeopordising their holdings.


If your card will not work, we would suggest trying to make the payment with an alternative card if you are able to. Equally, any information you can provide us about why you believe the failed status has kicked in when it shouldn't have, we will take this to our next business review meeting with our payment provider.

If this does not answer your question please submit a support request here and we will do what we can to help.

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