How quickly should I expect a refund?

If you cancel your order within 15 minutes of it being placed the refund happens immediately, the transaction will essentially void. This means on your bank statement you will not see a refund, but you will also not see a debit payment.

If you have returned an order or it has been cancelled your money will be back in your account in no more than 5 working days. The speed of refunds varies from bank to bank. The email notification of the refund is evidence the process has begun however if you would like more confirmation please get in touch with our customer support team here and they will send you more info.

Our refunds will always return to the original payment method. If your card has been lost or has expired the refund will still go back to your bank. Payments very rarely bounce these days. If you contact your bank they will be able to confirm this.

Card issues aside, we cannot refund to another account. It looks terribly shady to auditors.

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