‘Cheaper than Amazon, every week’ - Disclaimer


Here at Flubit.com, for the last 6.5 years, we’ve celebrated our ability to offer incredible value to our customers by giving you low prices against the competition, on a huge selection of products.  

We’ve enjoyed allowing you to buy these low-priced products in many different ways, and on October 4th 2017, we took this one step further with our new proposition to you: 

“Over 1 Million items cheaper than Amazon, every week”.  

On the Flubit.com website you can search and browse all our products, and now you can use the Piggy-Bank icon / ‘Cheaper than Amazon’ text to filter only those products which are cheaper than Amazon. This allows you to have a cost-efficient buying experience at Flubit.com  

You might be asking, “What do we mean when we say ‘cheaper than Amazon’?” - well let’s explain: 

The price comparison for the ‘cheaper than Amazon, every week’ claim is based on best Amazon.co.uk buy-box price plus standard UK delivery where charged by Amazon. To help with transparency, the Time & Date of the last price check is listed on the relevant Flubit product page, found via Flubit.com, and checked at least every 7 days. Only items clearly marked as ‘cheaper than Amazon’ (including the use of the Piggy-Bank icon) are included in this claim. Price comparisons aim to be on like-for-like items, and may or may not included like-for-like speed of delivery. All Price checks aim to be as accurate as possible, but unintentional inaccuracies are possible. You can always notify us if there is a mistake on the product page via the data reporting tool or emailing talktous@flubit.com if the option is not available.  

Thank you for being a Flubit.com customer, and we look forward to continuing to provide you quick and easy ways to buy at great-value online.  

Remember: Before you buy it, Flubit.

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