What are the advantages of Flubit Elite?


Flubit.com enables any UK online shopper the ability to buy millions of products at great prices. In addition, over 1,000,000 items are ON SALE every day. These are the many benefits our standard users get; Flubit Elite users get additional benefits.

  • Every day over 5,000,000 non-SALE items are discounted further (compared to standard users).
    • You’ll always pay less for these products than a standard user.
  • Every day, over 2,000,000 additional SALE items are available.
    • In total this means that every day over 3,000,000 items are ON SALE for Elite users, compared to the 1,000,000 for standard users.
  • On average an Elite user will pay for their monthly subscription on their first purchase, and still make further savings.

Over time Flubit.com intend to add additional benefits and advantages for Flubit Elite users.

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